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Hello, my name is Candace and I am the owner of CIT Services.

For those who are not sure what CIT means, it stands for Computer Information Technology Services.

I had always wanted to be an Interior Decorator, but life, got in the way (that never happens RIGHT…).  I have now found a way to use my creative talent in what I call “Interior Decorating on the Web”. To be honest, the differences are minute.  It is all about a person, or companies desires, it is their domain.


 I fell into this profession quite accidentally.  I moved to a small town and found jobs to be rare.  I was “too qualified” on almost all positions I applied for, however, I was under-qualified (no degree) for others. Rather than sitting at home doing nothing, I looked for ways to make money online.  This led to me buying some blogging software…isn’t that where we all start?  This software had a lot of bugs, as I used it I spent many hours troubling it, this eventually ended up in me being the “worldwide expert” on the software. At least according to Malcolm Simmons of “Hey Malc” . Malc and I worked together supporting people who bought this software.

You can see a write-up of my work with him here.

You can also get some great coaching on time management via Malc’s course called Timology, I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs help managing their time and responsibilities.

Anyway, less I digress.  During this time I decided to build my own website on which to use the above-mentioned software. That led to others who had the dream of blogging, asking ask me to help build their sites, and bang, I became a freelance web designer. I was self taught, still am in this regard, but as I moved on I became interested in Writing, SEO, Graphics Arts, and Marketing.  All of those together fall under the term Computer Information Technology.

Being “self-taught” is not as impressive as it sounds, I find anything to do with computers, and the various software that I use, extremely easy.

About 6 months into designing simple sites, I started experimenting and got quite good.  I found however, that getting any decently paying jobs was difficult… to say the least.  I decided to do something I had always regretted not doing. I went to college and got my Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Technology (CIT).  I also got an Associates of Science Degree and a Certificate in Professional Programs.  Those programs are: Excel, Word, PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign, and PowerPoint.

You can view various work I have done my going to my portfolio.

Well, that gets me to where I am today.  I have not decided for sure whether I want to continue freelancing or work for an establishment.  It all depends on what comes my way.  In the interim I will continue as a freelancer offering any type of CIT services that you can think of. You can view the ones I can think of by going to my Services Offered page. This is by no means all I can do, but the list would go on forever if I let it. 

JUST ASK If you can think of something else JUST ASK

The possibilities are endless!


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